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My Fantastic Hubby Dire/Rip I love you so much!!!! Our Triplets Arrived Jan 1 2019 My Kids JoeyWolfHeart KayleeWolfHeart, MeganWolfHeart, Sis N Bro: PattylWolfHeart, Candy, MrsDinaDrms, MrSwaggerDrms All my grbabies.. IMVU only
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Antique French Doors~nau~ Dia heels~nau~ Dia perfect~nau~ Rose heels! CENA Brown Fur Bundle
White&BlackTop Bundle[CC] Torn Skinnies Black[CC] Ultra Mini Black*S:YL:Twisted BundleOriental Zen Bundle
Reflections bundleCookies Hangman[L] Aqua WOLF Flare F[L] Aqua WOLF Top F[L] Aqua WOLF Boots F
[L] Aqua WOLF Full FGlam Winter Family HomeLg.Pink Long Dressspacerspacer
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Cuddle CouchTable for Four DiningSmall Apt. Size KitchenBeautiful 3 Bdroom HomeMine Shaft ClubLarge  Pool Club
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the love of my life.. forever

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